Online calculator

With the tool RATES-ON-HAND we “host” your rates and you can access them online – all it takes is an internet browser and you are few clicks away.

You have your rates on hand at all time and can easily calculate shipments cost.

Do "unit" or "w/m" calculation for all transport modes and say goodbye to your pocket-calculator - and respond fast to inquiries from customers and internal colleagues.

It's One-Point-of-Entry no matter how many different service providers and transport modes you have.

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Tender Management

Tendering freight is quite time-consuming and if you don't have the right structure and baseline in place you will end up not knowing if a saving actually materilized.

You need to compare "apples to apples" in terms of rates, service level and trustworthiness.

The right contract wording will prevent surprises later on.

Historical shipment data (adjusted with future expectations) will give you the right basis for your baseline and service providers will quote more competitive rates if they are provided trustworthy volumes on lane level.

Majority of RFQs are infact "benchmark exercises" with the only purpose of making sure to have the right rates in place with current service providers.

If changing service provider will cause tremendous work for you you should consider if you have the right setup in place.

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